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Jan 10 2018

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Which Way To Pay is an independent comparison and reviews site providing unbiased information on a variety of financial products. The aim of this website is to save you money when purchasing financial products online.

Discover which are the best value Loans, Insurance Policies, Credit Cards, Bank Accounts, Trading Platforms, Legal Services, Prepaid Cards, Travel FX Cards, Travel Money and Foreign Exchange methods available online. You will also find information on product features and providers, ease of use and a host of helpful hints, tips and advice.

We compare numerous financial products and offer a tried and tested review system with options to apply for the products directly. Our comparison verticals offer a wide range of fully comprehensive information regarding the financial products we compare. Do your research, shop around and find out which is the best way for you to pay.

To learn more about these products go to the Money Information Library or navigate using the simple menu above. Take your time to consider exactly what you need and then browse our comparison verticals to find the best deal which suits you and your personal circumstances.

Currency trading companiesCURRENCY EXCHANGE

Currency trading companiesIn this section you can find services for buying and selling currency, making one-off and regular foreign exchange transfers. Find travel money providers, bespoke corporate and private currency exchange brokers for large transfers, money transfer (remittance) for smaller transactions and exchange rates, commission and transfer methods. Foreign Exchange Specialists can offer the best exchange rates on international money transfer and tailor the whole process for you or your company on an individual basis. Compare different foreign exchange specialists to find the best rates.

Currency trading companiesTRADING

Currency trading companiesIn this area you can find short term investment trade services. Compare Forex, CFD and Spread Betting brokers, as well as share dealing and futures and options providers. Whether you want to buy and sell directly or speculate with derivatives, find top quality and the best rates here. Many brokers offer both advisory and execution-only trading. Consider your trading and investment needs and use the comparison vertical to find the best trading platform for your circumstances.

Currency trading companiesINVESTMENTS

Currency trading companiesWhether you want to put money aside for the future with a savings account or place it in a range of investments, this is the area to find suitable products and services. Choose between a cash or investment ISA – or mix and match using your annual ISA allowance. You can plan ahead with a pension package that suits your individual situation. Make the most of any money you have by considering the different investment schemes on offer. The return you make on ISAs is tax free. However, there are numerous ways to invest your money and no matter how much you want to invest and for how long there are always good opportunities available. Always read the terms and conditions of any investment scheme carefully before you invest. If you have any doubts seek independent financial advice.

Currency trading companiesLOANS

Currency trading companiesHere you will find every type of loan; from fast cash loans (such as payday and logbook loans) which give you money within 24 hours, to unsecured (personal), secured and consolidation loans, view a wide range of providers – both lenders and brokers are listed. We compare numerous types of loans including loans for people with bad credit and secured loan. Think carefully about what you need then use the comparison verticals to find the loan which best suits you and your financial circumstances. Make sure you read the terms and conditions of any loan offered thoroughly.

Currency trading companiesCARDS

Currency trading companiesEvery card type is offered by a range of providers in this section. Compare regular credit cards, charity, charge, business, football and student credit cards, poor rating credit cards and the new prepaid cards in this area. Travel FX cards are also listed here for excellent exchange rates and cheap holiday spending. Take your time and consider what sort of card you need as there are numerous credit cards available no matter what your financial circumstances are like.

Currency trading companiesMONEY

Currency trading companiesA diverse range of products and services are listed in this area. View current accounts and savings accounts including joint, packaged, savings, fixed rate, offshore and basic bank accounts. Compare overseas mortgage broker services, debt management plans and individual voluntary arrangement IVA providers. If you are having trouble with mounting debts then our Money section contains various debt solutions. Think carefully about the best way to pay off your debts and if you have any doubts it is worth seeking independent professional financial advice.

Currency trading companiesINSURANCE

Currency trading companiesThe vast majority of people in Britain have at least once insurance policy. Whether this is for yourself, a vehicle, for private or children’s medical care, your home or flat (or the contents within them), travel cover or even for your pets, you can find a good insurance company to cover your needs. Use our comparison verticals to assess which insurance policy is best suited to you. We also have a quote system which can provide you with insurance quotes from many different companies. Make sure that you read the terms and conditions of any product you wish to purchase.

Currency trading companiesNEWS / CHARTS

08 April 2017 – Which Way To Pay

If this is your case then why not sell your policy on to make yourself some cash , and get what its worth.

04 April 2017 – Which Way To Pay

EU overseas property mortgages have taken a whole new turn

30 August 2016 – Which Way To Pay

More and more people renting property are turning to payday loans to help out when struggling with outgoings.

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    Currency trading companies Currency trading companies Currency trading companies Currency trading companies Currency trading companies Currency trading companies Currency trading companies Currency trading companies Currency trading companies

    Currency trading companies Currency trading companies Currency trading companies Currency trading companies Currency trading companies Currency trading companies

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