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Jul 6 2017

Vero Beach Personal Injury Lawyer – Car Accident – Criminal Defense Attorneys, FL #personal #injury,

Personal Injury and Criminal Defense Lawyers Vero Beach Stuart, FL

What type of experience does the Law Offices of Keith Bregoff, PA, have?

Keith Bregoff started the practice of law in 1991. He graduated from Florida State University School of Law and thereafter passed the bar in 1991. He then became a Florida State prosecutor in Broward County, Florida. The major background experience that sets our firm apart is the fact that Mr. Bregoff was a former lead felony prosecutor prosecuting cases going anywhere from murder, kidnapping, all the way to DUIs, drug charges, trafficking in drugs. Then, as to experience with the personal injury field, he had the opportunity to become one of the senior litigation attorneys for the second largest insurance company in the United States, handling a five county-wide area, defending cases that ranged from wrongful death cases, amputation cases, automobile accident cases, and dog bite cases. Gaining that type of knowledge about the other side puts our firm in a completely different realm compared to most attorneys.

Why did the Law Offices of Keith Bregoff, PA, choose to focus on Personal Injury, Auto Accident and Criminal Defense?

The main reason was based on Attorney Bregoff’s original experience as a prosecutor, he realized that the system was not perfect. Although there are many people who do commit crimes, there are also many people who are alleged to have committed a crime that may not have actually committed the crime. More importantly, there are many people who have committed a crime due to a lapse in judgment, a mistake or having some type of substance abuse problem who deserve a second chance. Our representation of these types of people gives them that ability to at least try and prevent a bad mistake from following them for the rest of their life.

As it relates to personal injury having been a prosecutor, Mr. Bregoff was hired by a very large insurance company. He was in-house counsel for the insurance company handling every different aspect of injury claims, auto accidents, dog bites. wrongful death cases. and slip and fall cases. What he learned through that process is when he began, he felt that he joined the insurance company because the people who are making claims that may not be completely legitimate should be fought, and the people who are legitimately hurt, those cases will get resolved fairly and those people will be compensated for their injuries. Over the years what he came to find out was that the insurance company business is a business and it is based on money. After 11 years in that business, he decided to represent people who deserve to have representation that will afford them to obtain the best possible settlement that one can receive under the circumstances of their injuries. Knowing how the other side works gives him a perspective where he knows how to address moving forward with questions that a person may have, or the insurance company may have, to substantiate legitimately what a person s ongoing permanent problems may be.

How does the Law Offices of Keith Bregoff, PA, make a difference? What kind of cases has your firm helped?

Mainly, personal injury and criminal defense Attorney Bregoff handles all cases personally. What we mean by that is, he constantly stays in contact personally with his clients who have been charged with a crime or have been injured. He does not rely on having a paralegal or secretary respond to his clients, nor does he rely on a secretary or paralegal conversing with the prosecutor s office or the insurance adjuster. Mr. Bregoff handles all those aspects of his cases personally, and feels that by doing that, the credibility of the case and the legitimacy of the case comes through much better.

What Mr. Bregoff has been able to do with that, is take cases where he thinks results can be changed or outcomes can be changed by handling cases with that type of a perspective. Also, many of these people are obviously very concerned that they have been charged with a crime. Are they going to go to jail? Or, if they have been severely injured, what is going to happen to them? How are they going to pay their bills? He just makes it a point that his clients will get a direct response from him that will explain their concerns. If they have a question that pops up, he will respond to it and will not have a secretary call them or a paralegal converse with them. He will speak with them personally to make sure they know exactly what is happening every step of the way, so that they stay informed. This makes them feel much more comfortable when they end up having a final result.

What kind of Accident injury and criminal defense cases does the Law Offices of Keith Bregoff, PA, take on?

As it relates to the realm of personal injury cases. working with such a large insurance company for so many years defending claims, Attorney Bregoff is effectively able to handle and deal with wrongful death cases. He is qualified to handle dog bite injury cases, automobile accident cases, trip and fall cases or marine accident cases. Our firm feels confident and comfortable handling all these different types of cases that fall under the purview of personal injury. As it relates to criminal defense, we handle cases that can range from first-degree felonies, serious charges, violations of probation, and violations of community control to DUIs, possession of drug paraphernalia or possession of controlled substances. These are all similar charges that Mr. Bregoff personally handled as a prosecutor from the other side.

Why choose the Law Offices of Keith Bregoff, PA, in Vero Beach Florida?

The decision of choosing one firm over another is a very personal decision that each person has to make. When focusing on choosing a firm, what you need to look at is: “What kind of knowledge does an individual have about your specific type of legal issue?” “What kind of expertise does that individual have about your specific issue either criminal or an injury case?” Most importantly to our firm is, “Has this attorney dealt with these types of issues from the other side?” Meaning, has this attorney done what the opposing attorneys that are going to be asking you questions or prosecuting you, done? “Has that person done that type of work from the other side so that he or she actually knows how to prosecute or defend your case?” Also more importantly, “Does that lawyer know how to communicate effectively with a prosecutor or an insurance company to substantiate your case legitimization as it comes to a personal injury case, and the issues or weaknesses that a prosecutor may have moving forward in a trial and a criminal case.”

Our firm is qualified, knowledgeable, and experienced in all of those areas. The Law Offices of Keith Bregoff, PA are ready to take on your case. Call us today for assistance with your injury or criminal case (772) 492-8967.

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