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Mar 22 2018

Training Locations

Save travel expenses and have the convenience of taking the course from your own home or office.

We offer the latest certification courses through Remote Classroom Instruction where you can take the course in comfort from your home or office, or our other training locations.

The same instructors who teach our classroom training also provide our Remote Classroom Training. All of our instructors have provided training to thousands of students each. Our RCT success rate in knowledge gained and certifications completed is very high.

Live Remote Classroom Training provides the best way to gain knowledge rapidly, obtain certifications, and save travel hassle and costs. Has your travel budget been reduced recently? Here is the way to attend the same course, with the same instructors, on many of the same dates, from the comfort of your home or office.

Refund Policy

CED Solutions reserves the right to cancel or reschedule classes at any time. Should a class be cancelled, CED Solutions will: 1) provide a full refund for the course; 2) allow student to reschedule for the next date(s) for the course; 3) pay for airfare to and lodging in a city where the class is being held (non-discounted class price); 4) allow substitute class of the same or lesser value; or 5) allow substitute student to attend class of the same or lesser value.

Weather / Acts of God
  • CED Solutions is not responsible for Acts of God that affect the delivery of classes.
  • CED Solutions may determine that classes not be held due to weather and other Acts of God.
  • No refunds will be provided due to Acts of God.
  • No other reimbursements will be provided due to the Acts of God.
  • Students may re-attend the same class or a future class at their own expense for travel.

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