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Jul 4 2018

Mercury Capri Accessories & Parts

#mercury #capri #accessories, #parts, #performance, #lights, #wind #deflectors, #dash #kits, #chrome, #intakes, #grilles, #floor #mats # Mercury Capri Accessories & Parts Bringing to the table a sleek, muscular build and the power to match, it’s no wonder why the Mercury Capri has remained such a steadfast presence in the garages of American car owners. It’s got the fist-clenching performance that makes going for any drive an opportunity for adventure as well as the street-style looks that beg for some custom input. At CARiD.com, we know what works, and that’s why our inventory of Mercury Capri accessories speaks for itself! Mercury …

Mar 20 2018

Flu vaccine contains 25, 000 times more mercury than is legally allowed in drinking water

#flu #vaccine,mercury,heavy #metals,mercury,vaccine,flu,flu #vaccine,news # Flu vaccine contains 25,000 times more mercury than is legally allowed in drinking water (NaturalNews) In case you missed it, recent lab tests conducted at the Natural News Forensic Food Lab found that seasonal flu vaccines, which are pushed on virtually everyone these days, including young babies, pregnant women and the elderly. contain outrageously high levels of neurotoxic mercury. Vials of batch flu vaccine produced by British pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) were found to contain upwards of 51 parts per million of mercury, or 25,000 times the legal maximum for drinking water established by the …