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Dec 31 2017

Survey: Student Discounts For Cars As Well?

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Survey: Student Discounts For Cars As Well?

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Being a college student has its ups and it has its downs. Having no money, studying hard and just in general being in school can really be a downer. But, the new-found freedom of being out of home, all the new Ramen recipes you learn and the transition into real life all seem to balance it out.

Plus, we get discounts on everything!

Computers, cameras, movie tickets, books and so much more.

But what about cars?

There are definitely cars that are aimed at the age group of college students and college graduates. The whole reason Scion exists is for this market. However, most of these people are going to be first time car buyers who still might have student loans to pay off, or have no credit at all.

This is the big question. True or false: car makers offer discounts to college students.

Give us your response and any other thoughts in the comments section.

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