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Aug 31 2018

Soft-Lite Window Prices

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Soft-Lite Window Prices | Explore Costs On All Models Series

Soft-Lite Window Prices

Soft-Lite window prices are at the higher end of the vinyl window pricing structure. Their products are generally regarded as very well designed and engineered and priced accordingly. Click to read consumer reviews on their windows.

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Soft-Lite Barrington Windows

The Soft-Lite Barrington window is the company’s entry level vinyl window. It is lower in quality compared with their other lines, but for a bargain window, it is a decent option. The frame is narrow, so it’s ideal for small openings. Some homeowners have found the exterior drip cap unappealing, but it’s a solid choice for a budget window. This is model is available as a single hung window (in addition to numerous other styles and types).

Soft-Lite Bainbridge Windows

The Soft-Lite Bainbridge window is basically an upgrade of the Barrington, the Bainbridge exterior looks a little nicer and it has some different features. The balance cover and exterior screen track are an improvement over the Barrington and it is reinforced in the sash rail. The Bainbridge is comparable to the Okna 400 window.

Soft-Lite Classic Windows

The Soft-Lite Classic window is an older model, along with the Pro, although it comes standard with some nice features and options. It would top my list for quality mid range vinyl windows. Many dealers and distributors don’t carry the Classic (due to the popularity of the Imperial LS and Pro) – sometimes you can find really great deals on the Classic from professional contractors who have left over inventory. Performance wise, the Classic is good, although an air infiltration of 0.11 is just okay. The Classic is comparable to the Milgard Tuscany window.

Soft-Lite Pro Windows

The Soft-Lite Pro is a better than model than your average mid price window. The Pro model comes with double strength glass, a Super Spacer and a foam filled frame. The frame is strong and the screen has a better locking mechanism, plus the rails are reinforced and the balance cover is much better than on their lower end models. The Pro uses an aluminum reinforcement in its meeting rail (not as strong as the Imperial LS or Elements, but still nice).

Performance wise, consumers can expect a 0.07 AI, U-factor of 0.28 and DP50, making it more energy efficient than a lot of competitors. Industry guru like the Imperial LS better than the Pro, but the Pro does have a thinner frame, and therefore a larger glass area, which most homeowners like. This model is comparable to the Sunrise Verde window.

Soft-Lite Pro Windows Cost

I have 3 quotes on nine double hung vinyl windows. I’m wondering what the best is for my situation. I’m not planning to be in this house for the rest of my life, maybe 6 or 7 years.

Soft-Lite Imperial LS – $5250

Alside Mezzo Series – $4230

Soft-Lite Pro Series – $4550

Matt – Homeowner – from 2016

[Site Editor’s Response]

I don’t love the Mezzo, I feel like the frame is weak, it has a poor design (compared with the Soft-Lite), and loose tolerances. The Soft-Lite Pro is a good window and absolutely worth an extra $320 spread over 9 windows.

The Soft-Lite Imperial LS is an excellent window, one of the best out there, but honestly if you aren’t going to be in the house for that many years, go with the Pro, it’s a good window, and perfect for your purposes.

– Site Editor – from 2016

Soft-Lite Imperial LS Windows

The Soft-Lite Imperial LS window is one of the two top-of-the-line windows from Soft-Lite and considered a great performer. The company spent lots of money on research and development and the result was the Imperial LS and Elements series. The Imperial LS comes standard with some high quality features, including triple weather stripping, an Intercept Spacer, and a kevlar reinforced meeting rail. One of the most impressive numbers on the Imperial LS is the .03 air infiltration number. The Soft-Lite Imperial LS series is comparable to the PGT 2300 window.

Soft-Lite Imperial LS Cost vs Simonton VantagePoint 6500

We are looking for replacement of 6 windows and a patio door in Chicago area. Apparently these are larger than usual windows and the quotes we received so far are not cheap. We are deciding between soft-lite imperial LS for $923 each and Simonton advantagepoint 6500 for $1250 per window, labor included. The Simontom window comes with laminating. For the patio door, the options are anderson aluminum clad wooden for $6500 and Marvin aluminum clad wooden for $8500. Can you please recommend a choice?

[Site Editor’s Response]

Jackie, I can tell you without reservation that the Soft-Lite Imperial LS is far superior to the VantagePoint. The Imperial LS is an excellent vinyl windows and blows the Simonton out of the water (and frankly it blows 95% of the vinyl windows on the market out of the water with a .02 air infiltration rating). So windows solved 🙂

The prices on those patio doors seems really high. Why are you going with vinyl windows, but a wood clad door, are you matching something? Will you just be painting the interior white anyway? I would get a quote from the Soft-Lite dealer on a patio door, I would think it would be lower, but obviously I don’t know how much work is involved with the installation, which can be quite extensive and quite expensive. I think you need another bid or two on the door.

– Site Editor – from 2016

Soft-Lite Imperial LS Pricing Example

I just got an estimate on 19 replacement windows Soft-Lite Imperial LS for $13,020. 10 of these windows are 39 x 65 and all are double hung. I live in a suburb of Kansas City. Does this seem high?

Linda – Homeowner – from 2016

[Site Editor’s Response]

Hi Linda, $685 per window installed for the Soft-Lite Imperial LS does not seem out of line. It’s pretty tough to say what the fair price is for a particular project without knowing all the details. The Imperial LS is a great window by the way so kudos to you for finding a top end vinyl window.

I do, however, understand your concern about having to shell out that kind of money. This is why I always recommend getting two more bids to see how the quotes compare and to see how the installers are breaking down the bid for the windows and the install portions. Sometimes you can take the two additional bids and use them as leverage to see if the Soft-Lite rep will come down from his original price (assuming you like the Imperial LS more than the other windows you see.) I think Sunrise may be in your area, Milgard perhaps, Okna, Polaris. Try for a bid on the high end vinyl window from one or more of these companies and see what you get! Then go back to the SL rep and see what you can do. Good luck!

Dane – Site Editor – from 2016

Soft-Lite Elements Windows

The Soft-Lite Elements window is a premium window and considered a small step up from the Imperial LS. The Elements come with an upgraded spacer, the non-metal Edgetech, which is an optional upgrade on the LS. The Elements double hung also has a tilt that works with the locking mechanism that allow you to tilt the sashes for easier cleaning. The bead and cove design, although not noticeable from the street, looks great from close up.

An accidental glass breakage warranty and Better View Screen, options on the LS, both come standard on the Elements. The windows boasts incredible performance numbers – AI of 0.01 – 0.02 and U-factor of 0.19 – it is definitely one of the top windows on the market. The Elements is equal in price and quality to the Okna 800 Series.

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