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Nov 30 2017

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Managed PKI Platform

Support and Manage Enterprise-wide Certificate Needs

GlobalSign’s cloud-based certificate management platform reduces the effort, cost, and time associated
with managing multiple enterprise digital certificates. Support for multiple entities under one account
and delegated user administrator offer complete, centralized control of certificate needs across your
entire organization.

Secure your internal and public networks with our full range of SSL Certificates – OV, EV, Wildcard, and Multi-domain, with options to add Subject Alternative Names (SANs).

Replace wet ink signatures and enable electronic workflows with digital signatures for PDF and Microsoft Office documents.

Encrypt sensitive internal communications and mitigate phishing threats
with S/MIME.

Certificates Requested

Once organization identity information is verified, the next step is to order a pack of the type of certificates you need (e.g. suthentication, PDF Signing). Certificate packs come in volumes from 1 – 25,000, with unlimited license options available

Individual certificates are issued from this pack and can be requested directly from users via EPKI’s custom ordering page or automatically by the EPKI Administrator through a number of options including using the EPKI web portal, direct integration into GlobalSign’s APIs, or leveraging identity and certificate template information from Active Directory using GlobalSign’s Auto Enrollment Gateway

Certificates Issued

All individual certificates are issued under the pre-vetted company profile, eliminating the need to verify each individual end user’s identity before issuing the certificate. Certificates can be issued instantly from GlobalSign’s WebTrust certified infrastructure with global datacenters, disaster recovery, redundancy, high availability, and world-class instrumentation protecting the network.

The Enterprice PKI platform offers complete certificate lifecycle and user management capabilities, along with robust reporting and auditing options, and 24/7 availability.

Certificates Available

Certificates are immediately available for download and install directly from the EPKI platform. If using the Active Directory integration, certificates are automatically and, in many cases, silently installed. copies of issued certificates are also automatically posted to AD.

GlobalSign’s range of Digital Certificates supports all enterprise PKI needs, including document signing for both PDFs and Microsoft Office, secure email via S/MIME, and two-factor authentication.

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