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Aug 17 2017

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PhD in Education Programme

Research Community

We currently have over 200 PhD students in the Faculty of Education from all over the world (currently more than 40 countries), who make an important contribution not only to the vitality of the Faculty’s research culture but also to its outstanding reputation internationally. The Faculty of Education in Cambridge is one of the UK’s key centres for educational research. carrying out an extensive range of externally funded research projects and has long established relationships with both national and international agencies and institutions, while most supervisors of graduate students have contacts with regional schools and other institutional settings.

ESRC Doctoral Training Centre

The Faculty’s doctoral research training programme is part of the ESRC recognised Doctoral Training Centre. The DTC is awarded an annual quota of studentships for home and EU students, further details of which can be found on the funding page of our website and on the Student Registry website.

The main goal of the DTC training programme is to equip social science doctoral graduates for future research and professional challenges in a globally competitive market place. It aims to provide stimulating training and support that encourages students to engage in internationally competitive research.

PhD Programme Structure

The first year of the PhD will be spent following training in research methods, culminating in the preparation of a 20,000 research proposal and attendance at the registration viva. Upon passing the viva, students will be formally registered for the PhD. In the second year, students normally conduct their fieldwork for 2-3 terms and start data analysis. The third year is devoted to data analysis, writing up and submission. For part-timers, these elements are spread over 5 years.

The PhD Dissertation

The main purpose of the PhD is to prepare a substantial piece of original research. The final award of the degree is decided solely on the results of the candidate’s research presented in the PhD dissertation and on the candidate’s performance in the oral examination
A successful PhD dissertation must:

  • represent a significant contribution to learning, for example through the discovery of new knowledge, the connection of previously unrelated facts, the development of a new theory, or the revision of older views;
  • take account of previously published work on the subject;
  • be clearly and concisely written, not exceeding 80,000 words.

The student’s original contribution to knowledge is assessed in the light of what it is reasonable to expect a student to complete within three years full-time (or five years part-time). This applies to the scale of the project but not to its quality. Many students publish parts of their research after the award of their PhD or en route to it.
It is possible to see a list of current doctoral dissertation topics here .

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