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Sep 18 2017

Personal Injury Attorney Sacramento, Roseville, Folsom CA #personal #injury #attorney #sacramento #ca

Hanecak, P.C.

Personal Injury Attorney Sacramento, CA

Let’s face it. No one wants or plans to be injured by the carelessness or negligence of another. No one wants to hire a personal injury attorney. However, life-changing events do occur because of the carelessness of others. These can be catastrophic events that lead to permanent disability, leaving you with mounting medical bills and debt. If this happens, it is important to have knowledgeable and skilled attorneys fighting for you.

Fierce and Respectful Representation

At Personal Injury Attorney Hanecak, as your Sacramento personal injury attorneys. it is our job to help you through any personal injury claim to get the compensation you’re entitled to. Whether your injuries are from an auto accident, animal bite, medical malpractice, or there has been a wrongful death, we handle each case with the same tenacity and attention to detail no matter how small or large.

We pride ourselves in not being a mill that churns clients in and out. We are as fierce as you need and want us to be, because we represent your interests, not ours. We are known in the legal community not just for fierce representation of our clients, but respecting them, opposing attorneys, judges and those we encounter on a daily basis. Our clients can rest assured that not only are we representing their best interests, but we are respectfully representing their name as well.

No Matter How Small, You Have Rights

If your injuries were minor in nature, we can still help. If you were injured negligently. through the carelessness of another, or even deliberately, you have rights. You may be able to seek compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, and pain suffering no matter the extent of your injury. We represent many people who are turned away by other lawyers because the claims are “too small.” We believe that the law is there to serve all people, regardless of the size of their claim.

It is important when hiring a personal injury attorney that you act quickly. Memories fade, witnesses and evidence can disappear, and cases are generally harder to prove as time goes on. Personal injury attorneys can help guide you through the process from an early stage if you act quickly.

Benefits of Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

There are several benefits of hiring Personal Injury Attorney Hanecak as your personal injury attorney. Among others, we can help you: get the compensation you deserve, reduce the stress of the financial recovery so you can focus on your own physical recovery, pursue your claims before the time runs out, and force insurance companies to negotiate when they may not have taken your claims seriously.

If you have been injured and need legal help, we offer a free, no hassle, and no commitment consultation. You can call us today at (916) 919-8821 to schedule an appointment .

Employment Attorney

Unfortunately, sometimes a job becomes more than a job. Everyday individuals or companies put employees in a no-win position at their workplace in violation of the law. This can include discrimination, harassment, or retaliation for an employee reporting something to the company. In some instances, employers make it near impossible for the employee to continue, or even worse, terminate the person’s employment. Sometimes, it becomes necessary to hire an employment attorney to help.

You Are Protected From Discrimination

California law prohibits employers from discriminating against you based on your: race, religious creed, color, age, national origin, ancestry, physical disability, mental disability, medical condition (history of cancer), marital status, sex, or sexual orientation.

Discrimination can come in many forms, such as being fired, demoted, or harassed due to one of the above. Simply put, it occurs when an employer treats one person or group differently from others who are not in the same group.

What is Retaliation?

Retaliation is a form of unlawful discrimination. It means that an employer takes action against an employee for making a good faith charge or complaint of discrimination. Retaliation can come in the form of changing the terms of employment for worse or fire the employee. It is against the law to do either. The purpose of this is so that employees are not afraid to bring forth legitimate concerns they have in their workplace without fear of being terminated.

Benefits of Hiring an Employment Attorney

There are several benefits to hiring an employment attorney. Your employer is already prepared and has resources to defend it. We can help even the playing field by showing that you’re serious about your claims. We can help you while you’re still employed—you don’t have to wait until you’re fired to bring a claim. We are able to evaluate and negotiate your claim based on the specific facts of your case.

If you feel you are the victim of workplace discrimination, harassment, being retaliated against, or have already been terminated, it is never too early to talk to an employment attorney. At Personal Injury Attorney Hanecak, we can help you navigate the tough time if you are still employed while helping you build any potential claims against your employer. If you have already been terminated, we can help assess your claims and bring them forward.

If you have been the victim of workplace discrimination, harassment, retaliation of wrongful termination, we offer a free, no hassle, and no commitment consultation. You can call us today at (916) 919-8821 to schedule an appointment .

Real Estate Law Attorney

We represent landlords and tenants in evictions and litigation, cover real estate transactions, property disputes, review contracts, subdivisions, and more. As your real estate attorney. we provide up front involvement in representing our clients and are with you every step of the way.

Whether it’s something as simple as a letter to your landlord or tenant to a complex subdivision, we have your real estate needs covered. We offer a free, no hassle, and no commitment consultation. You can call us today at (916) 919-8821 to schedule an appointment .

Business Law Attorney

Are you starting a business? Do you already have a business but would like to incorporate? Or maybe you have questions about your business in general? It is never too early to hire a business law attorney during a venture. Hiring a business lawyer can help you from the start: picking the correct entity type, making sure procedures are in place to avoid lawsuits, review and draft contracts and much more to help your business run smoothly.

Typically, business owners wait until it’s too late to involve their attorneys. The point of having lawyers involved early on is to prevent higher costs in the long run. Spending a little up front can go a long way in protecting a business’s long term goals .

We work closely with our business clients and tailor strategies specific to their situation. Whether it’s simple drafting of review or contracts or a complex litigation strategy, we handle each case closely with the client.

We offer a free, no hassle, and no commitment consultation. You can call us today at (916) 919-8821 to schedule an appointment .

Why Choose Personal Injury Attorney Hanecak?

Whether it’s as your personal injury attorney. employment attorney. real estate attorney or business law attorney. we have you covered. With over 25 years of experience. we are well versed in litigation and transactional law. We are dedicated to delivering highly personalized legal services to obtain the best outcome for our clients.

We pride ourselves on fighting for our clients with tenacity, but also with respect. We represent your interests, not ours. Let us fight for you today! We offer a free, no hassle, and no commitment consultation. You can call us today at (916) 919-8821 to schedule an appointment .

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