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Sep 5 2017

Open a small business in the philippines? Small Business Philippines #small #business #in #the #philippines,


can you send me info about this thanks

Im an australian looking towards moving to the philippines in dec 2011. Im heading towards fabrication of structual steel for export overseas and large building projects thoughout the philippines. Also considering food bays in a sm mall, where i will cook and serve. Also considering importing bessa brick molding machines from south africa for building houses, sheds and workshops etc. I have been in search of a philippino parter but this has proven to be difficult. But to combine the last two would mean easy constuction of complete house packages. Philippines is developing very fast in terms of structual and i believe this could make someone extremely wealthy if they can control that market. This is a small business idea because you start small but with long hours and more contracts you can grow very fast(1-2 years)

I have a newly registered design and construction company in the Philippines with main focus on exhibition booths, commercial interior and POP stands. Majority of our projects are based in overseas particularly building exhibition booths, i.e. Middle East and Asia.

Our commercial interior service is still on its infancy stage but we are definitely trying our best to get a share in the market.

If you are interested, please do email me.

Hello everyone, my name is Chezter Sison from SJDM, Bulacan

My mother-in-law is also planning to put up a small business, but until now we still don t have any idea what business to start up. In my opinion, the best business would be those consumable products/services esp. FOOD kasi un ung isa sa mga product na kahit san mo ilagay o ipwesto siguradong may bibili, at kung tatanungin nmn kung anung food, well, you ll need to have a research plan for the community where you are planning to put up the business. Maybe we ll just have to be more imaginative, creative and resourceful when it comes to the word BUSINESS and most of all, DO NOT BE AFRAID TO TRY, dahil ang buhay na araw-araw mong ginagawa, ay hindi magbabago kung hindi ka magdedesisyon para sa IKABABAGO NG BUHAY MO.

Don t ever think of PROFIT AGAD after putting up a business, much better kung mas paghandaan mo ung mga POSSIBLE EXPENSES kesa dun sa isip ka ng isip kung ganu kalaki ung kikitain mo.

That s all. I hope that you understand my point of view and consider some of visions. God bless us all ^^

It s great to see many small businesses are string out here.

6 things to keep in mind for all small businesses:

1- Prepare to market, don t leave any chance for marketing

2- Convert leads into customers quickly

3- Price it correct. Check if you are loosing money anywhere. If you didn t consider even the cost of the stationary or the cost of inventory stays at a given point of time while preparing the pricing you may loose a lot of money. It s a good idea to include a minimum of 20% cost of delay in sales and 20% delay cost in supplies in the price and a 10% of miscellaneous cost that you didn t encounter during pricing. It s the most crucial point many smallbiz forget to do and thus obtain more financial problem even when their sales are up.

4- Great customer experience is free marketing and more sales for you.

5- Supply to inventory to market should be as fast as possible. Keep an eye on stocks.

6- Use an accounting software like SlickAccount ( https://www.slickaccount.com ) that helps you in budgeting, planning and make you easily identify the financial problems in your business and its causes with less work.

Best of luck for your ventures

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