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Aug 17 2017

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New Employee Forms and Information

Welcome to U.S. Bank. This page describes what you need to do on or before your first day of work to ensure a smooth transition. It also explains other important action steps to take within your first 30 days.

Complete Form I-9

Form I-9 is a U.S. government form. It s used to verify the identity and employment authorization of people who are hired to work in the United States. New or rehired employees must complete Section 1 of Form I-9 and present identification and work authorization documents to their employers. Employers must complete Section 2 of Form I-9.

U.S. Bank also participates in the federal government s E-Verify program. This is a Web-based system that compares I-9 information with Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Social Security Administration records to confirm employment eligibility.

  • On or before your first day of work, complete Section 1 of Form I-9. To do so, visit our easy-to-use Online I-9 site. You must complete and submit Section 1 online before U.S. Bank can complete Section 2.
  • Enter your full legal name as it appears on the identification documents you ll present for Section 2 verification (see below). Also, in the Other Names Used field, enter any other legal names you currently use or have used in the past (a maiden name, for example). Do not enter a nickname.
  • Enter a physical address. You can t use P.O. boxes.
  • On your first day of work, present original, unexpired documents to enable U.S. Bank to complete Section 2 of your Form I-9. See page 9 of this sample Form I-9 for a list of acceptable documents.

Important: You may present one document from List A OR a combination of documents from Lists B and C. Because U.S. Bank participates in the federal government s E-Verify program, if you choose to present a document from List B, it must contain a photograph.

  • While any U.S. Bank employee can review your document(s) and complete Section 2, your manager or an Human Resources business partner (HRBP) most likely will do this. In some cases, the person who completes your fingerprinting may do this. If you re not in the same location as your manager or an HRBP, you can ask any U.S. Bank employee to complete Section 2. If you need help finding someone to complete Section 2, call HRConnection at 800-806-7009 and follow the Human Resources and Recruitment prompts.
  • Section 2 must be completed by the end of your fourth day of work. If you don t present acceptable documents within this timeframe, you may be sent home to retrieve them and your starting date or time may be delayed. In some cases, you may be placed on an unpaid leave of absence until you present the documents, or your employment may be terminated.
  • U.S. Bank is required to retain photocopies of certain Section 2 identification documents. The person who completes Section 2 of your Form I-9 is responsible for submitting these photocopies. If he/she doesn t do this, you ll receive an email from HRConnection asking you to do so.
  • Before your first day of work, review and complete other applicable forms.

    If you live or work in one of states or cities listed below, please click the applicable link to review important forms and information. If you need to complete one or more forms, print them out, complete them and bring them to your first day of work. You may return the form(s) to the facilitator of your New Employee Orientation session or your manager.

    • California employees only: California State Forms and Information
  • Minnesota employees only: Minnesota State Forms and Information
  • Nevada employees only: Nevada State Forms and Information
  • New Jersey employees only: New Jersey State Forms and Information
  • New York City employees only: New York City Forms and Information
  • Washington employees only: Washington State Forms and Information
  • Portland, Ore. employees only: Portland Protected Sick Time
  • On your first day of work, update your personal information in our HR Self Service system

    To ensure you ll begin receiving your pay correctly, log in to HR Self Service as soon as you receive your Intranet ID and password from your manager.

    • Under Personal Information Personal Information Summary: Verify or update the personal data shown.
  • Under Payroll and Compensation Direct Deposit: Update your banking information to ensure you receive your pay in a timely manner.
  • Payroll and Compensation W-4 Tax Information: Review your federal and, if applicable, state withholding information. Most withholding rules default to a single/0 status unless you elect otherwise. This directly affects the amount of taxes we withhold from your pay as well as your year-end W-2.

  • Questions?

    Call HRConnection at 800-806-7009 and follow the Human Resources and Recruitment prompts.

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