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Sep 18 2018

NAPP CANADA JOB FAIRS, toronto jobs.#Toronto #jobs

Welcome to Napp Canada JOBS FAIR

Our Vision: A job for everyone.

Our Mission: To connect job seekers with employers and career resources.

Upcoming Events


Next Jobfair: Thursday, September 28, 2017 — Woodbine Centre Mall

(Hwy 427 & Rexdale Blvd.)

(Markham Rd & Hwy 401)

Proudly Canadian

Napp Canada is a Canadian owned company and a leader in job, employment, and training events for connecting businesses to skilled professionals quickly. Napp Canada believes in strategically empowering companies and people to realize their full potential by giving them the right environment to connect though its well organized events.

Established with over 8 years of operational capabilities, NAPP Canada has a track record for organizing Job Fairs, training and employment events. We can boast of over 100 successful career fairs and employment events. In our last fall jobfair events we hosted a record number of 360 exhibitors.

Employers and jobseekers must be sure not to miss participating in these results driven events that delivers a quality which outperforms other jobfairs. Employers, go with what works, and what fits your schedule. Go with job fairs that have high yields at a practical cost that actually fit into your budget.

Employer Information

Job Fair 2016 aims to maximize the benefits of the event for both job seekers and employers. For the Job Seekers, Job Fair 2016 provides an opportunity to present their skills and experience directly to employers, to network, to learn useful job searching techniques, to access the hidden job market, and to understand the job prospects in various sectors.

For Employers we are happy to provide a format and flexibility that help maximize the effectiveness of employers limited and valuable time. Employers can also benefit from networking with other peers and continue to build and sustain a viable economy. Participate as an exhibitor and you will meet and be introduced to a versatile quality of the Job Seekers (meet thousands of qualified, experienced, and motivated people looking for work, and career opportunities) and gain by networking with other employers.

Call 905-832-8953 to register, or register online.

Tips and Advice for Jobseekers

Please wear formal and business attire for jobfairs, dress to impress – as you would normally go for interviews.

Bring plenty of resumes. Put your resumes in an envelope/folder if you do not carry a portfolio.

Access over 60 companies who are hiring at the jobfairs.

We wish you all the best in connecting with all the companies present at the jobfairs and securing employment with them.

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