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Jun 12 2017

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Doing Business with the T

Innovation Proposals are written offers that are submitted to the MBTA on the initiative of the submitter for the purpose of developing a relationship, contract or partnership which is not in response to a currently open solicitation issued by the MBTA.

The MBTA encourages and welcomes innovative submissions from private sector businesses (including startups and small businesses), labor unions, municipalities, academic institutions, philanthropic foundations and non-profit organizations.


We offer a variety of widely used and sought after maps and schedules which feature effective advertising space. Unlike radio, TV, newspapers or magazines which present so much advertising; on many MBTA materials, yours will be the only ad seen by millions.

All Filming/Sampling requires a permit. Please click on “Filming/Sampling” above and refer to “Procedure Requirements” section.

The MBTA plays an essential role in everyday life in Boston, as well as being a prominent and functional figure throughout Boston’s history. It is due to this position as a transit powerhouse and historical icon that the MBTA is frequently depicted in countless films, commercials and motion pictures.

The Real Estate Department at the MBTA has a dual function: overseeing the agency’s real estate holdings, and managing its office and warehouse spaces. Reflective of this dual function, the Real Estate Department is comprised of two divisions: Real Estate and Facilities Management.

The MBTA has approximately 120 pushcart locations currently operating throughout its system. The MBTA only provides space for pushcarts and where available, electricity. The pushcart itself as well as all other supplies must be provided by you. Spaces are limited to those approved by the MBTA Operations Department. Locations for pushcarts are available by application only. If your business is approved for a pushcart location, a renewable license for a term of one (1) year will be issued. In order to apply for a Pushcart Location and a License, please fill the application .

The MBTA allows musical performers at designated Performance Areas throughout the subway system on a daily basis. Performers must obtain a photo permit from the MBTA and agree to all terms of the Authority’s Subway Performers Program Policy.

As of June 30, 2013, the MBTA Materials Management Department will no longer be mailing hard copies of, for example, IFBs, RFPs, RFQs, LOIs, and/or addendums via U.S. Mail.

Each year the MBTA administers procurements worth approximately $371,000,000. While many procurements are based on low bid, the MBTA has a thorough process for evaluating and selecting our contractors/suppliers to ensure that they have the experience and capabilities to handle our multi-million dollar Design and Construction projects, as well as new vehicle and systems procurements.

The DBE Program is designed to promote business opportunities for firms owned by minority, women and other disadvantaged individuals and which are certified as DBEs through the State Office of Minority and Women Business Assistance (SOMWBA). The objective of the DBE Program is to support equal access to MBTA contracting opportunities for DBE firms to compete for awards and procurements as contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and providers of goods and services.

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