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Jul 30 2017

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Executive MBA Program

The Executive MBA program of the ICFAI University, Sikkim is an innovative offering for working executives and managers. It has been designed for professionals looking to enhance their education without interrupting their careers and to meet the realities of the new global business environment.

The program offers innovative and collaborative learning environment that fosters the development of management skills and techniques and on inculcating sensitivity to real world issues, along with the ability to become ‘leaders’ and ‘change agents’.

We invite you to join the Executive MBA program and benefit from this pioneering initiative in executive education in India.

We are pioneers in distance education. In our programs, students have access to world class content, innovative curriculum, interactive workshops and case-based learning and collaborative learning environment which is in tune with industry.

We offer Executive MBA program for the benefit of working executives.

The Executive MBA program is a 2 year, intensive postgraduate program based on experiential learning and self-study

• Graduates with minimum 50% aggregate marks and minimum 6 years of post qualification experience.
• CAs / CWAs / CFAs / CS with minimum 3 years experience.

The program has 20 courses of which 13 are case study courses and 2 are mandatory workshops, with the remaining 5 being directed independent study courses. These 20 courses are spread over two phases, as indicated below:

M A and strategic alliances

To be eligible to participate in the Integrative Workshop, candidates should have successfully completed all the other (19) courses of the program.

In all case study-based courses and directed independent study courses, candidates will be evaluated based on the assignments submitted by them. At the discretion of the University, workshops may be arranged for these courses too. Candidates may opt to prepare for and participate in these workshops in lieu of submitting assignments; in such situations, candidates will be evaluated based on their participation and performance in the workshop.

The CAT-XL framework

The Executive MBA program uses a CAT-XL (concepts, applications, trends – experiential learning) framework to enhance the learning process. This framework emphasizes experiential learning and involves the application of management strategies and theories to real-world situations. Workshops are therefore an integral part of each phase of the program. The learning inputs include worldclass case studies on a variety of products, markets, and industries; concept notes on specific concepts; classic and contemporary books on management; and management periodicals such as the Harvard Business Review, etc.

Unique features of the program:

• Focus on General Management
• Global Orientation
• Experiential Learning
• Case-driven Learning

• Directed Independent Study
• Career Progression
• Learning to Learn

The case study method is a key component of the academic program. Student’s evaluation is based on individual/team presentations, written reports and class participation. We have a huge repertoire of case studies in all functional areas.

Leading global companies and universities use our cases.

Our case studies have also won recognitions at several international case writing competitions.

Challenging existing knowledge is the essence of case study methodology. It allows our students to explore new possibilities and appreciate the importance of innovative thinking in finding new solutions. Our case studies help students become better team players and managers.

Directed independent study

The directed independent study (DIS) courses, follow an approach that requires candidates to analyze, understand and apply management theories to different business contexts. To prepare and submit their assignments for DIS I, II, and IV, candidates are expected to carry out independent study of a set of two carefully chosen classic/contemporary books in the field of management out of the set of the books provided for each of these courses. Students also receive two-year subscription to the Harvard Business Review to enhance their understanding of emerging issues in the field of management and DIS courses III & V revolve around these HBR issues.

The program includes mandatory workshops for two courses namely; Managerial Effectiveness and Integrated Workshop. These workshops will further strengthen candidates’ practical management skills and deepen their understanding of management as a multidisciplinary process. They will also provide many valuable opportunities for candidates to put the skills and theories they learned into practice.

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