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Jul 4 2018

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horse trucks for sale

** All Price Ranges ** This is a view only category that shows all adverts from the horses for sale categories based on price range. Jobs – Vacant Jobs vacant in the horse industry (paid or unpaid). Jobs – Wanted Wanting jobs in the horse industry (paid or unpaid). Professional trainers/horse breakers should advertise in the business directory. You must be 16 years old to advertise in this section. No photos allowed. Lost/Stolen Horse related lost or stolen items. Comments of a personal nature will not be allowed. Pets/Farm Animals Selling or wanting pets (dogs, cats, fish, rabbits) or farm animals (except horses) and related items (cages, fish tanks). Property Selling or wanting horse/rural properties including rentals. Rainbow Bridge Rememberance of deceased pets, horses. RIP Saddlery – General Selling saddles go in Saddles Only and rugs go in Saddlery – Rugs Only, otherwise if the horse wears or uses the item, it can be put in Saddlery – General. Wanted items must be placed in Saddlery – Wanted. See also Saddlery Products in Business Directory. Saddlery – Rugs Only Selling horse rugs Saddlery – Wanted Wanting saddlery items such as saddles, bridles and other general horse gear. Saddles – English Selling saddles only. Wanted items go in Saddlery – Wanted. Saddles – Western/Stock Selling western saddles only. Wanted tems go in Saddlery – Wanted Scam Warnings If you have a scam email or know of a possible scam you may post in this category. However, comments of a personal nature will not be permitted. Towing Vehicles Selling or wanting towing vehicles. General car sales not allowed. Wanted – Information Wanting information on a horse, brand, or horse related advice. CLOSE

Inappropriate or offensive content will not be approved. The site is moderated.

Make sure your content is consistent with the category. The Administrator reserves the right to make judgement on this, and may in some cases decline content.

The Administrator reserves the right to decline adverts without the need to provide reason or explanation, although normally an explanation will be given.

Do not submit items you are selling at the same time on e-bay. You are paying them for a service.

Advertising in the Classifieds is for personal use only.

Business listings are to be placed in the Business Directory only (eg. Browband makers, Saddlerys, Farriers, Feed Stores etc). Only sponsors will be permitted to have their adverts in the Classifieds.

If you need to communicate with the Administrator then you can use the Chat Notes input box located beneath the Description box when submitting an advert. These Chat Notes are not included in the advert.

Spell checking is available in the latest versions of most popular Internet browsers. Spelling errors are underlined in red and usually a simple right click can correct the spelling.

Youtube links are permitted in the YouTube Video box link, no-where else.

Links to ANY photo sites are NOT permitted. You can add photos to your advert through the site.

Personal site links are permitted, but MUST relate to the item advertised. These links must be placed in the Website box, underneath Location.

Household items and other non-site or non-animal related items are NOT PERMITTED. This includes general clothing. This is not a garage sale site.

Items can only be advertised in ONE category.

Category guidelines MUST be adhered to. More details can be found below under the Category Guidelines.

Updating your advert with rule breaking changes after it has been approved will result in a possible ban on all your adverts.

NOTE: These rules may seem strict at times, but are designed to protect against personal liability and respecting the viewing time of all website visitors.

To submit adverts you must first register your valid email address and create a password using the Register button. To activate your account you must repsond to an account activation request sent to your email address. Use your email and password to login to the website.

If you forget your password then click Forgot Password and you will be asked to enter your email address. A new password will be emailed to you.

You can change your password at any time by clicking My Account. Passwords are encrypted and no-one, including the Administrator can see your password.

If you are having problems logging in, it may be due to your internet browser not supporting cookies, or an Internet security setting has disabled the use of cookies.

You can change your email address under My Account, but you will be required to re-activate the account under the new email address.

If you are having problems activating your account, please email [email protected] You must send this email from the email address required for activation.

The use of multiple addresses is prohibited. If you have an email address that is no longer applicable send an email to [email protected] to have it removed.

To submit a new advert, click New Advert.

Note that some of your User login details will be added automatically to your advert. However, you can change these details before submitting the advert, or in the case of email address, simply click the checkbox to exclude the email from your advert. This is designed to save you time when submitting adverts.

Newly submitted adverts need to be approved before being made available to the public.

Within the category you’ve selected, your advert will be listed in the reverse date order of when the advert was first approved or last modified (if after 2 days).

To avoid duplicates and make the service fair to everyone, adverts for the same horse or item must not be submitted as a new advert. Please edit your existing advert and if you do this after 2 days, the date on the advert will automatically change to the current date (and hence move back up the list).

To make the service fair for everyone there is a reasonble use policy (eg. restriction of 5 items per category within a 3 day period). This prohibits users monopolizing the service. You can combine multiple items into the one advert and create a collage of photos using basic image editing software (e.g. MS Paint).

An advert can be cancelled at any time, either by yourself or the Administrator. Please cancel your own adverts once the item has been sold or the advert is no longer required.

Cancelled adverts and very old adverts will be deleted automatically after a period of time, at the discretion of the Administrator.

You can add up to 2 photos per advert (one at time). There are limits on the size of your original photo file that you can upload. The photos will be automatically resized to a maximum width and height (currently set at 350 pixels).

If any more than 2 photos are required you will have to make your own collage, but be aware that too many photos in a collage may make them very hard to see.

You can only upload photos in JPG or GIF format. The format of the file is determined by the file name extension.

You cannot upload BMP format files. Instead, convert to JPG format using an image editing software (a simple Save As and choosing JPG normally does the trick). BMP files are often too large and slow to upload or email, so it is a good idea to avoid using this format.

If you do not have any image editing software, or are having trouble resizing your photos try the free service provided by www.picmonkey.com

Photos must not be embedded within a word document or PDF file.

If the screen goes blank whilst trying to upload a photo, your photo is TOO BIG. If you have problems with high resolution photos please resize to less pixels before uploading.

NOTE: Photos will appear on your advert AFTER you update/submit the advert.

Horse trucks for sale

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