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May 18 2018

Get the best-in-class ticket management system

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Ticketing System

Get Smart with Best-in-class Ticketing Capabilities

Stop firefighting with your email based support

More customer conversations die lonely and hungry in a support rep’s mailbox than in all other places combined. Email is a great place to pass across information. But when your support threads start growing, a purely email-based support system gives you no visibility into which tickets you need to work on first, who else is working on the problem, or what you should be doing about the problem. Things that a sufficiently smart trouble ticketing software can help you with right off the bat.

With best-in-class helpdesk ticket management capabilities in Freshdesk, you can keep track of which conversations need your inputs right now, and which ones can wait, which ones need to be assigned to another team and which ones you can send a canned response to. And since every support conversation is now logged right inside the customer’s ticket, you know who’s been working on what and how they handled it.

Mark, assign, resolve and move on

With a Team Inbox, Freshdesk makes sure that all of your support conversations are streamlined into one inbox that your agents can access. This way, your agents need to log into just one tool to access all of the support queries your customers ask you. Freshdesk lets you track the progress of a customer support ticket, right from the moment it is created, all the way through resolution and closure so you’re always in the know. Not to mention, you can assign tickets to agents to make sure every conversation is accounted and no query is ever lost, ignored or forgotten.

Set Service Level Targets and stick to them

When you’re supporting customers there’s just one thing you really want to do – give them an experience they will love. Set customer service standards with Service Level Agreements (SLAs), in Freshdesk. By setting up an SLA in your ticketing software, you ensure that agents receive alerts, for tickets they’re assigned to, when a response is due, thus making sure that customers always receive timely responses and agents know which tickets need attention. You can even set up multiple SLA policies for your high roller customers, and account for business hours and holidays.

Get insights from your support queries

So when was the last time you got any useful intelligence from your email? Chances are, never. With Freshdesk, you can pull up insightful reports and identify actionable insights – issues, bottlenecks, your best players – all the stats, numbers and graphs you need to identify and align your customer support with your business. The best part? You can schedule them to pop up in your inbox daily, weekly or monthly. This way, you can find out how your helpdesk is doing without actually logging into it.

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