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Oct 10 2017

Duct Cleaning, Heating – Air Conditioning Contractor San Jose, CA 95125 #duct #cleaning, #hvac, #air


AAA Furnace Air Conditioning San Jose Ca Duct Cleaning

Since 1957 AAA Furnace Air Conditioning Co. has performed as a Duct Cleaning, Heating an Air Conditioning Contractor in San Jose, CA 95125. We have the most experienced HVAC Technicians and Cleaning Specialists on staff, with over 40 hours of training annually. Our truck mounted Duct Cleaning PowerVac is the industry standard for the best duct cleaning results. Your home is protected by floor coverings and our technicians always wear shoe covers.

Duct Cleaning Specialists

Our professional Air Duct Furnace Cleaning service takes 4-8 hours typically for the average 3-4 bedroom home. Our Air Qulatiy Expert will come to your home at no charge to inspect the type of duct system you have, check for ease of access to the duct system and all air registers. Then we will provide you with an on the spot written proposal to have your furnace and ducting cleaned and sanitized. We recommend that certain types of duct systems like wire-flex and duct-board not be cleaned. Cleaning this type of system could damage the ducts resulting in replacing the ducts. The cleaning equipment could tear down fiber duct-board and create a more harmful air quality issue in the home.

Why Do I need To Get My Ducts Cleaned?

The reason people say they want their ducts cleaned most often is indoor air quality. People that suffer from allergies, asthma, folks with respiratory illness and small children are most affected by poor indoor air quality. Most duct systems are not sealed well and pull in airborne contaminants like Bacteria, Mold Spores, Dust Mites, Insulation fibers and pollen. When your system is not running it gives these particles time to rest and pile up in your ducts, furnace and cooling coils. The best furnace filter will only remove what comes in contact with the cleaning surface. Your ducts will continue to get dirty if they are not properly sealed. The air that passes through the ducts travels in from the crawlspace or attic. By just cleaning your ducts you can remove years of dust and other allergens from the system, but there are a lot of other benefits like:

  • • Makes your heating and cooling system run more efficiently- reducing your energy bills
  • • Removes allergy triggers and dust from the duct system
  • • Breathe cleaner air while at home

Customer Support Team

Our customer service representatives get asked all kinds of questions about cleaning ducts, coils and furnaces. They have been professionally trained to assess your homes furnace and duct system before making recommendations to our customers. The most common question we get “How much does it cost to clean my furnace and duct work?” At AAA Furnace Air Conditioning Co. we never quote duct cleaning over the phone. We must first examine the duct system and furnace to determine the amount of time it will take our crew to thouroughly clean your home s duct system. We can then give you an accurate price quote for you. With AAA Furnace Air Conditioning you know up front what you’ll pay and what you’re getting.

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