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Jan 19 2018

Dodge Diesel Engine for Sale, used dodge cummins trucks for sale.#Used #dodge #cummins #trucks #for


Used dodge cummins trucks for sale

Used dodge cummins trucks for sale Used dodge cummins trucks for sale Used dodge cummins trucks for sale Used dodge cummins trucks for sale Used dodge cummins trucks for sale Used dodge cummins trucks for sale Used dodge cummins trucks for sale

Dodge 5.9L Diesel Engine for Sale

Ram trucks used many variations of the four-stroke inline six-cylinder engines produced by Cummins. The 5.9L is one example of an engine that has lated the test of time in the U.S. The consistency in the design starting in the 1989 year following through to the current year has helped Dodge trucks reign supreme. Pro Auto USA has a huge inventory of used Dodge 5.9L diesel engine inventory available for purchase.

The strength behind the late 1980s and modern day Ram trucks is the Dodge 5.9L Cummins engine. These diesel units are turbocharged units that provide a minimum of 160 horsepower. There are differences in the 5.9L depending on the year of production. The Generation 1 units were built between 1989 and 1993 by Cummins. These are quite common and part of what is for sale on this resource to USA consumers.

Review Dodge 5.9L Engine Specs

The specs and features for a Cummins engine do change a little based on each year of production. The Generation 1 motors featured 160 horsepower while the Generation II series 5.9L motors offered a starting 175 horsepower range. This range was improved annually. By the year 2002, the 5.9L was pushing upwards of 245 horsepower in the base Cummins build. This included nearly 100 pounds of a foot torque increase.

Cummins has entered its fourth generation of engine production for Ram trucks. The 5.9L displacement from 2003 to 2009 remained consistent in the Generation III builds. The 2007 year was the final installation of the 5.9L. The much larger 6.7L diesel was produced and is now commonplace inside the Ram pickup trucks. A buyer hoping to find used Cummins diesel engines for sale here can easily browse different displacements in the inventory finder.

Where to Buy Dodge 5.9L Engine for Sale Inventory

Lovers of the 5.9L motors can find Generation I, II and III motors in stock at this resource. All builds include a second hand warranty and are guaranteed to provide optimal performance. The Cummins motors for sale that are a part of the available inventory are certified units. The entire preowned inventory is now priced in real time using the diesel section of the inventory finder on this page.

There is no trick to buying motors in used condition. The quality is either there or it is not. Buyers who have made mistakes buying used diesel motors can feel confident in the truck parts inventory at Pro Auto USA. All used Ram truck motors in 5.9L displacement are quoted in sale price offline too. Any person can receive an immediate quote by calling offline and speaking with a Cummins motor specialist.

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