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Jun 13 2017

DISH Network Receivers Reviews HDTV #dish #uhf #remote #not #working


Dish Network DVR – HD – Receiver Reviews

All Dish Network receivers carry the Dish Network Brand. There are no other manufacturers of Dish Network Receivers. There are two types of Dish Network receivers. Legacy and Dish Pro. In 2002 Dish Network debut a new method of transferring signals from the satellite dish to the receivers. This new technology is call Dish Pro. Legacy receivers are not able to connect to a Dish Pro LNB without the use an adapter. The receivers on the left are all Dish Pro compatible receivers.

Before you select a receiver, you should know the features available. Understanding the various features will greatly increase your chance of getting the right system to meet your needs

Dish Network Receiver Features:

All Dish network receivers provide the same basic function of letting you watch satellite TV programming from Dish Network. They all have remote controls, favorite list and the ability to connect to a home theater system

If you are only interested in a basic system, then any receiver will meet your needs. Here are some of the more advanced features of Dish Network Receivers.

MPEG4. Dish Network is moving toward the next generation of Satellite Television with their new line of MPEG4 Compatible Satellite Receivers. MPEG4 provides improved signal management and will have a major effect on signal piracy. Read more information about MPEG4.

HDTV. High Definition Television is a digital television format, which combines high-resolution video and theater like sound to create a movie theater quality TV viewing experience. You must have a HDTV television and an oval dish to receive HDTV programming from DirecTV

DVR or PVR. Personal Video Recorder or more commonly called now a DVR, digital video recorder has a computer style 80 hard drive for digitally recording satellite television programs. Most Dish Network receivers can record up to 100 hours of television programming.

Dual Tuner DVR: A dual tuner DVR allows you to record one channel while at the same time recording a different channel. You can also record two shows at the same time.

Dual Tuners for Two TV’s: Dish Network has incorporated the function of two receives into one box. The Dish Network 322, Vip422, DVR 522, DVR 942, DVR 625, DVR HDTV 622 receivers are designed to provide independent viewing on two televisions from one box.

UHF remote: An UHF or radio remote control will operate a receiver from another room. The standard IR (Infra Red) remote found all all televisions and VCRS needs to be pointed at the unit to work.

UHF remotes do not require line of sight to operate. They can control a satellite system from another room or in the same room if you wish to locate the satellite receiver out of site.
Some receivers have this function built in and others use an external box to receive the UHF signals and then pass the signals through a small cable that plugs into the back of the receiver. For Dish Network satellite receivers that do not come a UHF remote you can purchase a UHF upgrade remote kit.

The effective range of a UHF remote depends on the materials used to build the home. In a standard wood framed home with sheet rock walls, a UHF remote should operate just fine through up to one floor and a couple walls. A UHF remote located in a 3rd floor room on one end of the home will have a hard time reaching a receiver on the 1st floor on the other end of the home. If you have a large home, heavy masonry construction, steel framing,or thermo-radiate heat consult with a local technician before deciding on using UHF remotes.

Name Based Recording: NBR allows you to select a show to be recording and not a Channel /Time scenario. This allows the DVR to adjust the recording date and time of a television show, when the show moves to another day and(or) time. This does not mean that the DVR knows the game is running late and adjust. NBR is controlled by the on-screen programming guide. If the guide is updated, so the DVR recording profile. For more information on NBR, go here (pdf) NBR can be found on the 625 and 622 models.

DISH Comm allows for all receiver with DISH Comm to share a phone line by communicating through the phone lines. As long as one DISH Comm receiver is connected to a phone jack, all other DISH Comm compatible receivers can pass on PPV information and communicate with Dish Network for programming changes and updates.

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