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Dec 31 2017

Certified Addictions Registered Nurse Advanced Practice


Please note: Effective July 1, 2018, new eligibility requirements (*see below) for CARN-AP. Applications submitted prior to July 1, 2018 do not need to meet these new requirements.

To be determined eligible to participate in the certification examination for advanced practice, candidates must meet the following requirements:

1. Hold a current, full, and unrestricted license as a registered nurse (RN) in the United States, its possessions or Canada. If licensed in more than one jurisdiction, the candidate must hold full and unrestricted licenses in all jurisdictions. Non-US nurses who meet the eligibility criteria are also invited to apply for the CARN examination, but must submit evidence of equivalent licensure as RN.

2. Hold a master s degree or higher in nursing.

3. Provide documentation verifying a minimum of 500 hours of supervised, direct client contact in advanced clinical practice working with individuals and families impacted by addictions/dual diagnoses. All 500 hours may be earned while in the master s program ( may only be used if within 4 years of applying for initial certification ).

4. Submit a copy of the candidate s master s program transcript verifying the hours supervised clinical practice. AND/OR: Submit the Verification Forms found in the Application, signed by the consultant(s)/supervisor(s), to verify completion of post-master s hours of supervised direct client/patient contact ( may only be used if within 4 years of applying for initial certification) which together with hours of supervised practice in the master s program, equal 500 or more hours.

*All application received after July 1, 2018 must also meet the following requirements:

Applicants must have completed forty-five (45) contact hours of approved continuing education in addictions within the four (4) years prior to submitting the exam application. 51% of the hours must be specific to addictions nursing, while the remaining hours must be related to addictions nursing, e.g. HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, pain management, etc.

In addition to the 500 directly supervised clinical hours listed, the applicant must have a minimum of 2000 hours (one year) of nursing experience in addiction as an Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) within the last three (3) years prior to submitting the examination application. The hours may be in an administrative, teaching, private practice, consultation, counseling, or research capacity.


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