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Aug 31 2018

Central Health Plan of California Reviews

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Central Health Plan of California Reviews

Convenience, 100% covered medical insurance if for only yourself, tight knitted internal department, flexible work hours, easy process for pto or sick days,

Management is horrible, there is no guidance, no training, you basically have to fend for yourself and have the initiative to find out information that you need to perform your job on your own, even other employees are not generous in sharing information, management makes up the rules as they go, office politics, women there are caddy and like to gossip, unorganized, no room for growth and bare minimum for raises like .25 per year and no room for position changes unless someone either leaves or gets let go. No acknowledgement for hard work or dedication, completely overlooked and unappreciated. No loyalty, no conscious

Advice to Management

Show appreciation to the people who give the company legs to stand on. They work hard and want to do well in giving their best. Give incentives so that you can bring out more positive work ethics from your current employees. Actually care about people instead of seeing them as easily dispensable. Consistency is what keeps the company running smoothly. Replace the CEO, he has no idea what he s doing.

Unless you re behind or in a crunch to meet deadlines, it s a pretty relaxed environment to work in. Everyone is generally very nice and the office (bathrooms excluded) usually have a very nice, clean smell to it. Most of the department managers I know are understanding with their employees and will let you do your work whenever or however as long as you get it done and comply by the law as well as CMS guidelines. No micromanagement is always a plus!

-There s quite an amount of office politics in this company.
-There are some people that just don t know what they re doing and will waste other people s time.
-Not much room at all to move up in the ladder unless you re planning on staying well beyond a decade.

Advice to Management

Please communicate more effectively with your department managers to understand what they re doing for you and also how much they re doing for you so you don t overwhelm them.

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