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Jul 31 2017

Can Executive MBA transform career of working professionals? #best #mba #programs #for #working #professionals


Can Executive MBA transform career of working professionals?

You would have missed the train in the past and now regret and blame yourself for not doing what you could have done right in the past after your graduation.

This thought often lingers in the mind of many working professionals and senior leaders despite achieving success in their career; they’d often feel missing out something extremely important.

We have highlighted few points below which would help working professionals, who are confused whether they should pursue executive MBA or not?

First and foremost you need to ask yourself:

  • How certain are you in the direction you want to take your career?
  • In addition to your on-the-job performance and responsibilities, what will best differentiate you in both the short term as well as long term over the course of your career?
  • Do you aspire to get into a senior leadership role in the future?

In today’s complex environment, management education is more relevant than ever. Your career goals evolve throughout your life. Someone entering the workforce today is likely to have five or six occupations during his or her lifetime. Those pursuing an MBA at mid-career typically seek the education and the credential as a springboard to a career transition.

These are some typical transition scenarios for Executive MBA students:

From Functional manager to general manager or executive:

Most people who eventually move into top management start their careers by developing expertise in a specific field, relying on knowledge base and skill sets that are narrow and deep. As their careers evolve, they may find themselves gravitating toward top management positions for which their prior education and experience have not prepared them. If you haven’t already earned an MBA degree at mid-career, an Executive MBA can help ground you in the fundamentals of business while building on the knowledge and experience you’ve accumulated to date.

From manager to entrepreneur:

Today, there is plenty of room for entrepreneurs both outside and inside the corporate environment. If you’re an experienced manager with deep knowledge of a specific field or industry and have the drive to start your own business, an Executive MBA could prepare you to make your dream a reality. On the other hand, the ability to innovate, to take a new idea or technology and build a successful business around it, it is highly valued in a corporate environment.

Why you should consider taking an executive MBA?

  • To propel your Career forward
  • To open up new and exciting opportunities and
  • To become a leader who drives positive change

To wrap up, our executive MBA aims to develop new skills in business administration and improve existing ones. These are focused on product management, marketing, operations, finance, leadership, problem solving, technology, decision making and plan implementation. Our EPGCL curriculum is highly structured. Most of the time, students are tasked to do group projects and meetings.

If you have any further
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