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Jul 27 2017

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Bank account verification makes the link between your customers and their bank account details

Bank account verification

Your customers want to pay you and receive payments with minimum fuss, ensuring you have the correct bank account details for the account they own is key to making this happen. Incorrect bank account data can lead to payments failing and fraud. Bank Wizard Absolute makes sure the account details provided are correct and that the account belongs to your customer, so you can provide a better experience for your customers and reduce the risk of fraud and error.

Who’s it for?

Organisations that initiate payments or direct debits to or from individuals or businesses.

Key features

  • Reduces errors in payment details to ensure the best possible experience for your customers
  • Ensures you understand account ownership so payments are made to and from the right customers
  • Supports a secure environment for making payments to individuals and businesses

How it works

Bank Wizard Absolute makes a definitive link between individuals or organisations and the current accounts they hold. It compares the customer information entered with the records held by Experian. A decision on the validity and ownership of the current account is provided in real-time with an easy to interpret scoring system.

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