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Aug 31 2018

Bachelor party in Mo Bay or Negril? Jamaica Forum, jamaica party resorts.#Jamaica #party #resorts


Bachelor party in Mo Bay or Negril? – Jamaica Forum

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Jamaica party resorts

A friend of ours is getting married next spring and the plan is to go to Jamaica in January for the bachelor party but we can t decide between Mo Bay and Negril. We re not looking for something completely crazy but probably want to relax on the beach and do some water activities during the day and explore some fun bars / clubs in the evening. We probably prefer an all inclusive resort. Which of the two cities would be the better option? The plan is to be there for 4 days.

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Jamaica party resorts

Jamaica party resorts

Jamaica party resorts

Jamaica party resorts

How many guys (I am assuming it is all guys) do you plan to travel to Jamaica?

I like Negril because of the beaches and the activities in the sea and along the beach.

Negril has two non-connected beaches that measure some 7 miles. The shorter one known as Bloody Bay is about 2 miles long. It is known as the quieter beach. The longer one is known as Long Bay is about 5 miles long and has the Negril vibe.

I would suggest looking at Grand Pineapple located on Long Bay; it is an entry level AI meaning no disco, not theme eatery, no disco, no piano bar and does have an open bar and home cooked buffet meals. Beach location is excellent with all kinds of activities near by – day and night.

A higher costing AI on Long Bay that accepts singles is Hedonism II. It has a disco, piano bar, theme eateries, buffet meals, two beach grills, two swim up bars, excellent beach. Don t have to be crazy to stay there. Just know that it is not a singles resort.

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