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Oct 26 2017

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AT T U-verse vs. Time Warner Cable

Those that remember when television was free, may recall that while the normal viewer may have only been able to enjoy a good half a dozen channels, the viewing of television was still free and the viewer did not have to worry about a choice. Those days are gone and today’s generation does not even know a period when they did not have pay television.

For those viewers that have the geographic distinction of having a choice between the two primary cable providers; AT T U-verse and Time Warner Cable. they find themselves faced with to companies which are the prominent industry choices, with each offering various packaging which makes the selection process of the cable system a studied choice. As with either provider, the viewer should consider several basic factors to compare the two service providers.The main three factors are the provider’s broadband speed and available television channels, the offered service price and the service reliability and customer service.

Provider One: AT T’s U-Verse with Digital TV, Broadband Capacity and Home Phone Capability.

While the AT T U-verse is considered the largest DSL service provider in the United States the foundation of the network is actually based on the “VDSL” technology. This means that the AT T digital TV service, as well as its high speed internet service provide faster speeds and more enhanced crystal clear picture resolution that a viewer would come to expect in the “hyper connected cable world” today as VDSL is approximately 6.5x faster than the traditional DSL service.

The U-Verse service also is beneficial as the DSL service is delivered through existing telephone lines in a household and business. Rewiring would not be necessary.

U-verse Digital TV Service. Even though the amount of available TV channels will vary between the various bundles and plans which are available, the AT T U-Verse can ultimately provide as many as 210 High Definition channels, including home DVRs, individual private DVRs as well as traditional cable black boxes.As a promotional feature, some bundles can include a reduced price or even several months of free premium channels like HBO, THe Movie Channel and Cinemax.

Faster Internet Speeds are critical to users in the fast paced internet world today. The AT T U-verse service allows the viewer to receive downloadable speeds as fast as 45mbps and upload speeds as fast as 6mbps. The speeds as describe will be able to address the needs of most professionals with the possible exception of specialist requiring very high resolution graphics capability or networking servicing speeds.

Viewers who view a significant amount of online streaming video will be more than covered with a AT T U-verse package as the service supports High Definition streaming from Hulu, Netflix and Youtube.

AT T Home Phone Services. Not all customers are getting rid of their land lines. While most people simply use their cell phone as their phone main line, AT T ‘s home phone services include caller identification, call waiting service, three way calling, as well as anonymous call and recall rejection, and the service is able to support calls across the 50 United States as well as numerous countries.

As a summary, the AT T service provides superior internet and excellent cable television product. The AT T U-verse’s support and implementation of a vDSL is a serious product any consumer should consider. Several plans are available and include six internet service plans and four television service plans.

Pricing is varied and the range of download streaming speed is 3mbps to 45mbps. Current promotions can be viewed at https://www.att.com/shop/bundles.html?hs-plan=discount and availability of service can be viewed at https://www.att.com/shop/availability.html.

Provider Two: Time Warner’s Cable Triple Play Bundle Package

The Timer Warner Cable company is ranked as the U.S.‘s third largest cable and internet, television service provider. As a cable provider service, a customer’s internet, Television and their phone connection will be provided through an existing cable and TV wiring network.

High Definition Channels

The Time Warner Cable company also has several tiers of television plans for their customers. Based on the package selected by the customer at least 200 High Definition channels are available. Time Warner also offers whole home DVRs as well as traditional DVRs units. While the premium channel package is the same Time Warner Channel does offer a menu of speciality channels that are not available on competing providers.

TWC Internet Service Speeds

TWC offers its internet customers download speeds which can reach as high as 50mbps in most geographic areas and as much as 300mbps in an upgraded areas commencing in 2014.

TWC Home Phone Services

The TWC home phone service can also offer various bundles and packages. Based on the customer choice, most can be provided service which included unlimited calls to any place throughout Canada, the United States and Puerto Rico.

In summary, TWC has generally pretty adequate speeds and broadcast and streaming technologies. The service does seem to lag a bit behind AT T’s service, though some customers may have a personal preference or TWC. TWC also has six service internet plans and six service television plans available. Pricing is also varied based on existing promotions.

Final Conclusion: TWC vs AT T U-verse Services

Both of these service providers offer competitive services and if a customer is bound by a geographic area and can only have one service available, either would provide internet speed and channel service that a customer would desire. AT T can generally have better fees but based on the package, certain fees could make a TWC package competitive.
TWC has a slighter faster internet speed than AT T but their hard equipment can be a bit pricey and their customer service has been spotty.

The final choice for the customer should be based on the best long term price available after all promotions have run their course. The customer should also pay attention to their channel preference and whether their service will be reliable during the course of their subscription with the service provider.

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