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Sep 10 2017

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Five major types of compressors are used in the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry.

We are also specialist in renting air-conditioner system for events or exhibition. We have extensive experience with critical cooling systems. We offe.

Our Parts Accessories included Room themostats, Regrigerants, Insulations, Copper Fittings, Filter Driers Cores, Pumps, Pressure Tem.

To deliver air to the air-conditioner space, air carriers are needed. These carriers are called ducts. Ducts are made of sheet metal or some structura.

Checkout the Water Cooled Chiller Circulation Plan How it works?

Air is a mixture of gases. Normally air contains about 21 % oxygen. A human system requires that a certain oxygen content be contained in the air to m.

Air Conditioning

We offers wide range of energy efficient cooling system air conditioning units for your home, commercial, industrial, factory and etc. We are the leading air conditioning supplier in Malaysia and committed to delivering the highest standards of quality at a very affordable price.

Portable Air Conditioner

Our portable air conditioner is elaborately designed and manufactured with advanced rotary sealed compressor, hydrophilic membrane inner thread and high efficient heat transmitter and exchanger etc. Portable air conditioner can be widely applicable in the locations that have requirements to the local cooling effect.
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Heat Exchanger

A Heat Exchanger is a device that has the main objective of transferring heat from one source of medium to another in an efficient manner. COPE heat exchanger consists of a series of thin and corrugated stainless steel plates. These plates are pressed and brazed together with copper or nickel depending on the application.
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