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Sep 26 2017

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2nd degree nursing programs

Jun 4, ’06 by smile123

Quote from vtprenursingstudent

I was wondering if anyone has any advice about applying to 2nd degree programs. I have been reading different posts online here and several are very critical of the accelerated programs due to the lack of clinical experience provided. I would love to due an accelerated program but on the other hand the idea of having more time to take classes and get more experience also sounds good. I am interested in going on to get my masters and can’t decide if I should be applying to just the 2nd degree program or the ones that offer the combined 2nd degree/master’s degree.
Its amazing how every nursing school has different prereqs. While most have the standard set of requirements-micro, A/P, stats, and developmental psych, many have there own requirements. Some require ethics, religion, sociology, and/or chemistry-organic and inorganic. I hate to decide not to apply to certain programs just because I can’t find anywhere to take the prereq (inorganic/organic chem). Also I have been doing prereqs for the last two years and want to get started.
Does anyone know of any 2nd degree programs that don’t require the GRE? Most require it and I have seen one it looks like that requires the prenursing exam but most do not.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated. My college adviser hasn’t been able to give me much advice since she is used to dealing with students applying as transfer students to nursing programs for their first degree.

As one of the posters said, do your research online. You can find inorganic/organic chem at community colleges (I took those courses there). You can also look at pre-req online classes (do a Google search; there are lots – I took some classes at online at Foothill: http://www.foothillglobalaccess.org/ ) such as dev psych, pharm, pathophys, sociology, etc. (Samuel Merritt in Oakland, CA also has links to other online colleges about their direct entry program http://www.samuelmerritt.edu/default.cfm). You can also challenge some of the pre-reqs by taking an equivalency exam (excelsior college has those available – it’s another online place). But check with the SPECIFIC schools for their pre-reqs.

The GRE is required for grad schools or direct master’s programs. There are plenty of study guides you can buy or check out at your local library. Just spend the time to brush up on some of those math skills and you’ll be ok.

Finally, figure out what area you’re interested in. For example, if you want to become a family nurse practitioner (FNP), look for programs that specialize in FNP’s. Some people want to become nurse mid-wives but there fewer schools that offer that degree to direct entry students. Good luck.

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